Orban Isma artist, writer, developer


I explore the intersections of catharsis & euphoria across many mediums.

My journey into art, writing, and code is a story about growth, loss, and recovery.

The themes in my work are rooted deeply in finding solace by way of engaging with liminal spaces, and overcoming our limitations.

We cannot set boundaries or have healthy relationships with others, until we learn to do so with our selves first.

Through both my physical & digital art, as well as my writing, I seek to capture and present viscerally calm moments of realization and balance.

All of my installation work combines elements I create myself, from welded metal to hand-tensioned rope. All of my live installations are collaborations with living, breathing humans.


2001 - 2004

IT & Infosec

2003 - current

Web Design & Development

2005 - current

Body Suspension

2014 - current

Installation & Performance Art


Founded Anchors Aweigh


Created The Skin Project


Crypto Art & NFTs


Suspension Projects

Documentary Features

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